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I’ve ever asked, a hundred times to several random of people,.. WHAT’S LIFE? Some said it’s an abstract definition that can’t be translated into statement. Some said that life’s a mixture of several actions, don’t care is it a go in the morning and come home in the evening boring routine job, or get trapped in the middle of traffic jam, or maybe u’re just wake up in the morning do the meditation, then go shopping, or being an expert in talking just like self-motivator or lawyer. Oh, one of the other side of myself define these : having LIFE means passed every level of study, got a degree in a very young ages, got a great career, had a great boyfriend to be married with, great house or apartment, and retired young. But that side, I had burned it already.

Whatever the meaning of life I’ve heard, I myself have my own definition. I am mature already, and I know what is the definition of life, my heart just agree with the new definition that made by my brain mix with heart. Life is a GRACE, which should be thanked of and done well. All we need is just do the life well, pour all of our positive emotion and ability in doing things that had already told out as a definition of LIFE itself. Someone once said, “Live everyday as if it were your last because one of these days, it will be.” So,..don’t get stress coz of not gaining ur goals or plans, just turn around or jump or whatever, just do the whole thing, another things that u can gain more than what u’ve written as ur goals…

Maybe u get confused of my statement. Let me talk straightly. Eg. If u’re graduated from medical faculty, or anything else from one of the famous university in ur 23, but u felt unsatisfied with what u’ve gain, and u finally realized that u’re great in talk or motivate someone else in doing things right, maybe u should take another way. Don’t be a doctor, be a self-motivator, or a writer, or lawyer, be an expert in every specialisation that using talk as a major power. So, finally, LIFE’s, just Do it, actions.

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  1. kasman


    April 30, 2008