My Life concepts

Many people life’ concepts

Some people who think that they are a great adventurer in this life, i mean in their own life said these :

Ø dude, we live in the real world.

Ø You have to work hard everyday,…

Ø don’t waste your time only to dream something that hard to become true,…

Ø study hard so that you can study at a famous university of course majoring famous subject,…

Ø you better work on summer to pay your next term college fee rather than make some vacation,…

Ø don’t even think ‘bout being a cinderella (you know,.. find the prince charming, live in a castle means have anything u want,etc)

Ø find a wealthy match and push them to marry you before ur 28th b’day

Ø wake up early in the morning so you can get bigger chance to find something that everybody wants than anyelse like a proverb “early birds got the most worm”

Ø Money is everything you need.

My life’ concepts

But these are what I think :

Ø do what you want to do! People who said that we can’t do great things just becoz we live in a real world actually they’re scared of life.

Ø yeah..i agree with work hard to gain something but we do have to give ourself a break to have some “fun”,…

Ø of course we must study hard ‘coz bible told us so. But love your God is suppose to be the priority in life ( so study is a second part) ora et labora,…

Ø we don’t have to study at a famous university (if can’t), but you should study at a “trully” university and of course majoring subject that you really interested in

Ø you better take some vacation on summer (just love yourself by givin’ it some rest, give it some freedom) and believe me, you can get 100% free schoolarship if you do the 3rd point seriously. So, you don’t have to worry ‘bout your college

Ø You have to be strong when u faced something bad,…there are so many people surround you facing the worse thing, even worst

Ø try to smile when you sad,… don’t let that sadness broke u down

Ø try to help people eventhough you don’t have anything to share….

Ø Always dreamin’!!,.. coz if you don’t have a dream means u are nothing, u can’t be successful if u don’t have ur own dreams… Dream a lot, dream all night, dream something unbelieveable, dream something that can change ur boring life, coz dream is the only free encouragement

Ø You don’t have to wake up early in the mornin’ if you still feel sleepy coz ev’rybody has blessed by His own way. So, don’t be afraid ‘bout ur future. About the early birds proverb, we aren’t birds and we don’t eat worms.

Ø Don’t give your heart to someone seriously before u get ur 28th b’day !!

Ø Don’t sale your body to a tattoo man !!

Ø We’re not live in the real world,… all of us just act some character that differents one another (some people think that God has given that character to us, i mean He wants us to be like what we’re now,..but you know what?..that’s not totally correct. Some of us choose the role to be acted by ourself). So, life is a great big drama,.. read and act your script well

Ø Money is not everything u need, but money help us to do something easier.

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