I don’t know why I take this subject, maybe coz of I just read one of my best friend thought bout religion. He himself is an atheist. He said that most of people who have religion believe that religion is a belief based of faith and hope. No fact, nothing backing it up. It’s just offer an afraid of nothingness. Some other have a doctrin bout their religion is the best religion in this beloved world, and the others are just the result of humans mind and desire.

Above all of the definition of what is Religion is, or what is the best religion in this world, or is God does exist, one thing i know for sure, and i hope that should be the fundamental of every human being thought, that is ‘Whatever ur religion, to Whom u believe in, or Whatever ur doctrin teach u, u are a social human being, which means u’re not live alone, so..just keep what u believe for urself and 4 people that have the same belief as urs because it’s important of having faith, even an atheist have faith on that God doesn’t exist as strong as people who believe that God does exist, and don’t disturb anybody else who has different beliefs or doctrin as urs. Religion is talking bout how we can appreciate people around us, appreciate of what they trust most, or what day they concider as an holy day, destroy all of the killer weapons , and live in peace. It’s just that simple. Maybe some of u say, “ Hey, it’s a too naïve perception bout religion” but all I can say is “it’s not too naïve to be realizen of making any sense doin those peace actions” , Furthermore, the problem is u people are just too scare to have a beautiful stag world and a kind hetero atmosphere of Life.
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  1. 50gumbyss

    I agree religion is a very personal thing. Mine certainly is. But I would never have found my religion if someone hadn’t talked to me about it in the first place. But I am SO glad that someone decided to take a very brave step and speak his beliefs to me, instead of keeping them to himself.
    Just my own thoughts here.

    December 30, 2007